Book Review (Part 1)

book review part 1
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This is my first time trying out a post like this, but was excited to share another aspect of my life aside from shopping lol. I’ve always been an avid reader. The thought of sitting down in a comfy spot, with a cup of tea and slowly turning the pages of a really good story, is one of my ideas of relaxation.

I just discovered an app called ‘Good Reads‘. If you’re a passionate reader with a to-read list a mile long, then this app is for you. After creating a profile, you can search books and categorize them into groups of ‘read’, ‘reading’ or ‘want to read’. This is like a virtual bookshelf for me, and it’s a great place to see what people are reading and their honest reviews of any book. If you’re on there, follow me by searching @kimtuttle. If you aren’t on Good Reads then you should consider creating an account.

Recently I’ve been very into finding books that people have personally recommended to me or books that are or are currently being made into a show or movie. My most recent read is ‘Sweetbitter’. Andrew’s Mom recommended that I watch the show on Starz. After one episode I was hooked. Then while grocery shopping, I walked past the book aisle and discovered that it was a book first before the show. I had to read it!

So, below is my review of ‘Sweetbitter’ and also what I thought of the show version.

Tess is a twenty-something college grad who comes from a broken home and decides to leave her empty life behind in hopes of finding something different in NYC. With no plan, little possessions and no job, she sells her car then begins applying at various restaurants. Her looks and wit land her a job at one of the city’s more well-known upscale restaurants. Here, she throws her heart, soul and all she is into learning everything about her new role, her coworkers and the restaurant industry. She loves, fails, falls, suffers and triumphs.

The show and the book compare considerably. The show has only six episodes in the first season (a second hasn’t been announced yet). The book goes through one complete year of Tess’s life, by going through all four seasons of the year. It pulls you in with the imagery the author creates with her words. Everything you feel like Tess shouldn’t do- she does, teaching the reader and herself the value of some of life’s biggest lessons. The show brings you the same feeling but doesn’t cover everything in the book- which I think is because they’ll be bringing the show back for a few more seasons (fingers crossed). If you decide to read and watch, I recommend reading first. The show skips over some small details that leave the viewer guessing. But, in the book, you get more background on the characters and overall more details.

The title touches on the sensory experience the tongue feels when eating certain foods. How certain foods cannot only bring just taste, but emotion and memory with it. Both the book and show tell the story behind that, which I think is pretty cool and ties in well with the restaurant setting. Tess grows drastically from her start at the restaurant to eventually finding her way there, keeping the what she learns about sweet and bitter in mind.

For me- a must-read and a must-watch. Living vicariously through the star of this story brings you on a ride as you really start to feel for her in her journey of self-discovery in one of the most famous cities of the world.

I hope you found that this post has lead you to your next book and/or show. If you’ve read or watched Sweetbitter I’d love to hear your thoughts on it 🙂


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