Boots with the Fur

sweater: Jennifer Lopez
tights: BP
shoes: ShoeMint
bracelet: Tiffany & Co
bracelet: St. Jude Shop

Boots and Fur!!! Boots and Fur!!! How great of a combination are these two? I got the fur sweater as a Christmas gift from my mom and I cant get enough of it. It’s very warm and also has a detachable faux fur snood. This snood can be worn as a scarf type deal (as seen above) or over the head (not pictured). I also plan to detach it from the sweater completely and wear it with another outfit. I wore just a plain cotton stretch quarter sleeve shirt underneath of the sweater and a pair of simple black tights. I chose the boots to add a pop of color while staying within the winter color spectrum. I told you these boots were a winter staple! To pull the outfit together, I chose a few pieces of jewelry for a touch of bling. I was especially excited to wear the Vera Wang crystal mesh wrap necklace (also a gift from mom). And of course, the Chanel bag also adds a nice touch. 

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