bright bright bright brighttop: halogen (similar in pale yellow, similar in bright yellow, similar in pastels) | tank: madewell | jeans: 1822 denim | shoes: blowfish 

I always shoot on the weekends because I don’t have enough time during the week. Well, this weekend was so rainy and gloomy. Actually, as I am writing this, it’s thundering and lightening. Posting this look to add some cheerfulness to an otherwise dreary day.

Also- sorry posting has been inconsistent this week. I’m not sure why, but I’m literally exhausted and have no energy to do anything. Monday night I attempted to reorg my closet for Spring. Needless to say it took over four hours and by the time I was half-way done, it was already ten at night. Hoping to finish it (and some laundry) over the weekend.

Thanks for reading! 

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