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On a Kenra kick lately! Being a non-natural blonde has a lot of upkeep even when I’m not getting touch-ups or treatments in the salon. In between salon trips, I depend on Kenra’s Brightening Shampoo and Conditioner to keep my blonde looking vibrant and brighter. These products help to eliminate brassy tones which seem to appear right before I’m due for a root touch-up and blonde refresher. The Kenra Brightening Treatment is perfect to use right around this time. It gives my blonde that extra bump and longevity to get me through until my next hair appointment. 

I’m also loving Kenra’s sprays and mousses that are perfect on days when I want to style my hair wavy or slicked back in a pony. 

All of these Kenra products are linked above and of course more info can be found on

A huge thank you to Kenra for sending and letting me try these amazing products 🙂


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