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Hope you guys had a great weekend! Sorry for the lack of posts, but I’m actually leaving for vacation Tuesday and into most of the weekend so I’ve been busy prepping and packing. I’m excited to get away, especially to a warmer place. I’ll be posting updates and pics on my insta throughout. 

Typically I’m a larger picture type of person, especially when it comes to packing so when choosing looks to wear I often overlook minor details such as jewelry. It’s not until I’m there and getting ready do I realize that I forgot to pack a pair of earrings or a bracelet to go with the outfit. That being said, I think it’s best to pack a few basic pieces that go with any look. I recently came across Charged jewelry and after seeing their bracelets, felt like this could be a piece I could take along and wear everyday. 

I chose Aventurine because it’s a soft green and will compliment the neutrals, lights and brights I’ve packed for this trip. The bracelet itself is created in Sedona, Arizona and is charged with positive and negative energies from the Sedona Vortex- hence the name ‘Charged’. Not only is Aventurine a pretty color, it represents prosperity, adventure, new endeavors and optimism- so naturally this would be a great choice to have along on a trip. 

I made a collage of some of my Charged fav’s in rows that would look cute either by themselves or stacked in sets of three. Check out the full Charged collection here.

Hope you guys have a great week! See you back soon xo

chargedset 1: tiger’s eye, fossil jasper, dalmatian jasper
set 2: aventurine, opal, amazonite

set 3: rose quartz, lapis, onyx


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