derma e day creme at Walgreens

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derma e Hydrating Day Creme from Walgreens

Living on the East Coast is pretty amazing and I love that I really get to experience the weather of all four seasons throughout the year, but I always know that once it becomes November and the temps start falling, the air becomes dry, cold and harsh which does major damage to my skin. The one part of my body that really experiences the most dryness is my face. I always try to give my face the most focus during these colder months with the main priority being to keep my skin hydrated and protected while still going about my daily makeup routine. I recently discovered the most amazing hydrating day creme from derma e at Walgreens that solves all of my cold weather skin problems.

I began incorporating derma e day creme into my daily makeup routine in the morning and noticed a difference that same day. It’s the first product I apply to my skin because it replenishes, rejuvenates and preps my skin before I apply foundations and powders. My skin feels extra soft and I noticed that super dry areas such as my forehead and under eyes no longer feel tight and dehydrated. The creme itself is very light which lets the pores in my skin breathe and doesn’t give me those annoying shiny spots later on. Since using derma e, I see that my skin now retains moisture all day which actually keeps my makeup looking fresh and long-lasting. I even apply derma e to my neck and in between my fingers to moisturize those areas also.

Derma e is able to perform these skin miracles because it contains Hyaluronic Acid which is an ingredient that holds in moisture while on your skin but also firms and tones. I’ve tried many types of face cremes in the past, all at high and low price points but not one of them has given me results like derma e. I swear by this creme you guys, it really does work and what’s even better is that I can pick it up at my local Walgreens while running in for a few things which makes caring for my skin even more convenient and care-free.

If a day creme isn’t something you need, derma e also makes a night creme, a firming creme and an anti-wrinkle creme as part of their natural skinecare line. Also be sure to click here for a coupon to use on your next derma e purchase at Walgreens.

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