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Hask Greek Yogurt shampoo (hydrating fig & honey) c/o
Hask Greek Yogurt conditioner (hydrating fig & honey) c/o
Hask Greek Yogurt deep conditioner (hydrating fig & honey) c/o

Those of you that read any of my beauty related posts, know that my number one complaint during the winter is hydration. Both my hair and skin are super super dry during this time, so I’m always on the hunt for products that will combat the dryness that a harsh winter brings. I’m a huge fan of Hask Beauty so when they recently announced that they were releasing a Greek Yogurt line of hair products, I was first in line to try them out.

We’ve all heard of how healthy Greek yogurt is for the body, and Hask, being no stranger to incorporating healthy foods into their hair care products, just launched the #haskgoesgreek campaign to bring attention to these awesome new products. Greek yogurt is naturally packed with proteins and minerals, which are the things that make hair it’s healthiest. This line comes as a trio- shampoo, conditioner and an additional deep conditioner packet. The three options are repairing, color protection and hydrating. Of course, I chose the Fig & Honey Hydrating line.

It smells so sweet and works hair nourishing miracles. I started with the shampoo, which actually has a duo tube in the packaging, keeping the clear honey-like texture shampoo separate from the other ingredients of the shampoo. When you squeeze it out, this is the first time the two combine, which gives it a more powerful effect when washing. I then conditioned, and then deep conditioned again. My dry ends were no more and my hair was the softest it’s been all winter. Another great thing about the Hask Greek Yogurt line is that it’s easily attainable and definitely affordable. It’s only available at Walgreens and all three products cost less than $25. 

So, are you going Greek?

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