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Kenra Hair
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If you saw my IG then you know that I’m in love with Kenra products and just tried their new Kenra Grip Trio collection. Because my mom is a hairstylist, I’ve had access to so many different professional brand products, but Kenra has always been my go to. Kenra’s products almost enhance your hair’s natural state (or what it should be) which is one of the reasons I love them. My hair always feels soft and healthy anytime after using anything of theirs, and I’ve tried everything from shampoo to serum. Overusing their products does not result in dryness, stickiness, buildup or stiffness. For someone like me who is somewhat amateur at hair styling, this is perfect for experimenting with different looks. My hair is naturally curly, so I recruited my mom to use the Kenra Grip Trio collection to give me a fab blow-out and style. Here is what she did to achieve this look.

Step 1- Before styling, my hair was just washed and had already air dried. It was really wavy and had a little bit of frizz. She brushed it with a paddle brush and applied Kenra Whip Grip Mousse, using more on my ends. 

Step 2- Blow dry and smooth over with a flat-iron if needed.

Step 3- I wanted a piecey choppy type of look so she used the Kenra Air Grip Spray. To achieve this, she sprayed Kenra Air Grip Spray on her fingers and applied only to the bottom ends of my hair, in small sections.

Step 4- Spray with Kenra High Grip Spray to seal the deal.

Kenra Hair
^the end result

Good news is that you don’t have to go to the supplier or the salon to purchase Kenra’s Grip Trio, it’s now available online and in store at Ulta. 

For more styling tips and other Kenra products check out

A heartfelt thank you to Kenra for sponsoring this post and letting me try their amazing Kenra Grip Trio Collection

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