Kim-Silver Jeans- Custom denim jacket Kim-Silver Jeans- Custom denim jacket Kim-Silver Jeans- Custom denim jacket Kim-Silver Jeans- Custom denim jacket
silver jeans custom kim jacket c/o, silver jeans black pants c/o, hunter boots, nordstrom ear muffs (similar

This weekend we had our first snow fall of the year. The first few snow days are the best; I watched netflix, baked cupcakes and I even spent almost six hours working on a photo book for my Antigua trip, which I’ve been putting off since November. I also decided to play in the snow for a little bit since my German Shepherd, Chloe, was so excited about it.

I’ve been seeing custom denim jackets on IG recently and thought they were so personal and so cool. What’s more unique then having something with your name on it? I’m a huge fan of custom items, so when I received this jacket from Silver Jeans I was so thrilled. All of my prayers were answered, because I had no idea where to get a custom denim jacket. This one is super super soft, which makes it easy to move around it. Nothing is worse than a stiff denim jacket that feels constricting. I paired it with black denim pants also from Silver Jeans. Under the jacket I layered a warm sweater so this was a great outfit for playing out in the snow with Chloe. I didn’t anticipate shooting this look, but my mom used my iPhone (in square mode nonetheless) to try and capture shots of us playing and they came out pretty good. Unfortunately we were unable to get any of Chloe since she was running around so fast and would not stay still, they all came out blurry lol.

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