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I can’t resist any beauty product that has the potential to make a night at home similar to a trip to the spa. When I came across D’OR 24K’s Mini Facial Peel, I jumped at the opportunity to try it out. A mini-facial is exactly what I always need mid-week for a boost and rejuvenation. Paired with D’OR 24K’s Facial Peel is their Multi-Vitamin Recovery Day Cream. I’ve used D’OR 24K’s Non-Surgical Lifting Syringe in the past (see post here) and was happy with the results so you could imagine how eager I was to try this mini-facial duo.

As mentioned before, I absolutely love how pretty any D’OR 24K’s packaging is. When I opened the mini-facial peel, I was surprised and amazed to see that there are actually small 24k gold specs in the gel peel. I washed my skin and applied the mini-facial peel in a circular motion to get off any excess dead skin. After that I simply rinsed with warm water. I used this mini facial peel between once and twice a week the past two weeks. I noticed that my skin-tone became more even as time went on and some of my blemishes and problem areas faded. My skin also felt more elastic and firm. 

After rinsing off the mini-facial peel, I used D’OR 24K’s Multi-Vitamin Recovery Day Cream. To be completely honest, I tried to apply this as a duo in the morning before work, but it’s sometimes not an option when running late. So of note, I tried the Multi-Vitamin Recovery Day Cream both at night before bed and also during the day. I actually used this cream every morning, even when not using the mini-facial, before applying makeup about five or six days a week. The Multi-Vitamin Recovery Day Cream feels amazing to moisturize with after the Mini-Facial but it also works wonders as an everyday cream. D’OR 24K’s Multi-Vitamin Recovery Day Cream does not leave an oily residue. In fact it makes my skin feel like it has a natural oil to it. My skin feels so healthy and moisturized throughout the day. 

So if you’re looking for an amazing beauty duo to treat your skin to an at-home spa night, check out D’OR 24K’s set here and here.

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