Mixed Prints

mixed prints mixed prints mixed prints mixed prints mixed prints mixed printsjacket: coffee shop (similar) | shirt: kohl’s (similar on sale!) | skort: shein (similar-other colors, similar) | shoes: bp (on sale!) | bag: coach (similar)

I’d always admire women who were creative and confident to wear an outfit with mixed prints. I remember very young learning that was a faux-pas. Recently while scrolling on Insta, I saw a photo of a women wearing camo and stripes. Totally inspired, I attempted to recreate the look. I purposely had my bottoms and bag match to bring the look together. I tried black shoes but it just didn’t look right so I chose a neutral pair. Well, fashion goal (and fear) accomplished. I felt great in this outfit. I hope this inspires you guys to try something new outside of your comfort zone. 

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