My top 4 tips for shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

top: bp (on sale! and so so soft) | skirt: sp (on sale!) | shoes: halogen (on sale!) | sunglasses: ray-ban

Tomorrow the Nordstrom Sale is officially open to the public. With or without a Nordstrom card, you can now shop the sale. At this point, the race is on. Things will be selling out very quickly. BUT, don’t be overwhelmed. If you follow my four tips below, shopping the sale will be a stress-free breeze and also a TON of fun!

Tip #1: Budget. I give myself a max of $900 to spend. I do plan in advance and save for this, however I charge everything to my Nordstrom card to get the triple points for Nordstrom notes. One thing I just learned this year is that you can activate a 0% APR period during the Nsale. So I took full advantage of that. Click here to do activate 0% apr on your Nordys card

Tip #2: Strategize. I wish I had the time to go through my winter stuff which is currently packed away. This year I got rid of a lot of things that I no longer wore. So, mentally I went through and thought about the items I need to target on getting for Fall. See below for my list:
1. Sweaters 
2. Ankle booties (not in black I already have a few)
3. Do not need new jeans (overloaded at the moment)
4. A long length warm coat appropriate for the office and casual everyday
5. Another long warm card (not in grey- I already have)
6. DO not need sunglasses or scarves.

Tip #3: Browse. Pick a few items you like that fall into your need categories from the list above. Add to your cart and continue to browse. Sometimes the best items are found on a whim and you can’t argue with love at first sight. 

Tip #4: Have fun! If you exceed your budget or are unsure about a item, you can always return it free of charge, even after 30 days.But enjoy the moment of shopping such a fun sale. Remember pumpkin spice, cool fall days and everything amazing about Fall is just a short few months away.  One of the many things I love about Nordstrom is there very flexible return policy. 


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