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top: astr | pearl embellished jeans: zara (similar here,similar w/out pearls here) | blush mules: bp (updated version this season, cheaper dups here, similar here) | blush bag: balenciaga | sunglasses: ray-ban

Before you go any further, I know I haven’t posted in at least six months. I was at the gym walking on the treadmill writing this long post in the notes of my phone when I realized it sounded more like a diary entry. Long story short is that during the summer and fall most of my life was in moving parts and I was trying to juggle it all. I started a new job which I focused so much on. I travelled a bit. I worked on relationships in my life by putting down the phone. I also just relaxed and reconnected with myself and operated primarily by doing things that gave me instant joy rather than completing my long to-do list of things I thought I should be doing. With my last posts, I felt my creativity, drive and self-confidence depleting and my blog was no longer the fun, inspiring creative outlet that made me feel whole and confident. While taking this sabbatical, I always missed blogging. I loved the writing, creating new content, and of course putting together outfits- yet I just didn’t have the energy to do it any more. Since then, I feel like I’ve rebooted. I’m excited to start blogging again. This time, I’m going to allow my creativity to fully flow with my posts. My primary focus will always be outfits but I also want to include other subjects. Things I love reading on my favorite blogs- top fav’s, travel tips, how-to’s. I hope you guys feel the same about these topics. If you have any tips or comments on posting ideas or anything else, please comment below. I’d love to hear some feedback.

For the post above, this was an outfit I styled for our first full day in Napa Valley. The last week of March my boyfriend Andrew and I travelled to Napa Valley and then San Fran over the course of six days. Later this week I’ll be sharing my itinerary, top must-see’s in each place along with tips on what to do and where to do it.

It’s actually so funny because we shot this look first thing in the morning in the hotel parking lot. From here on out, I will proceed to tell you how the most embarrassing moment of my life unfolded that same day. We were scheduled to take a winery train through the Napa area which stopped at three diff wineries and included a four course meal. My embarrassing moment jumps to our very last winery stop. It was at Inglenook in Rutherford. An old winery that dates back to the 1800’s and is currently owned by Francis Ford Coppola, who we heard visits there often. The estate is breathtakingly gorgeous and the wine is so good (the Sauv Blanc is my fav). The estate has this huge fountain directly in front of its main entrance. After the tour and wine purchase, Andrew and I went out to the front of the property to take photos before boarding the train again. While being so focused on taking a pano that included the entire front facade of the winery. I kept walking backwards to get the entire building in the photo, that I backed up right into the ledge of the fountain and proceeded to fall backwards completely into the fountain. I was so shocked, I didn’t realize what happened. Andrew rushed over and I hoped out immediately. Thankfully I wasn’t hurt but I had to go back in and get my shoes which were still floating in the fountain. Luckily my phone and watch survived. We rushed into the foyer of the winery to ask for a towel to dry off. They were in such disbelief that they paused for a few seconds before scrambling to get a towel. Which, they did not have, so they gave me a non-absorbent table cloth. Mortified and drenched, hair dripping I got back on the train. Surprisingly no one in our group asked why I was the only one drenched yet none of them saw it happen. Later that day I called my family to tell them what happened and naturally they thought it was hilarious. Looking back now it totally is, but in the moment it was absolutely terrible. It’s a memory I’ll always think about when traveling though.

Sorry this post turned into a gigantic novel, I promise other posts won’t be this long. Be sure to check back tomorrow for my top three Napa must-do’s.

See ya!

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