Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Tips

Nordstrom anniversary sale

If you’ve seen my recent instastory when I received the catalog in the mail then you know that.. it’s here, it’s here!! The best time of the year.. is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! It’s the one time that Nordstrom marks down all of their upcoming fall items for a small twenty-five day period of time. After that, everything goes back to regular retail prices. If you’re a fall fashion lover, like myself, this is a great opportunity to get more bang for your buck. Think sweaters, boots, cardigans and coats.

So scroll below, the sale starts on Thursday and this post can be your one-stop guide to preparing yourself to shop the years biggest sale. To me, it can be exhilarating but also overwhelming. So, sit back and scroll because I got you covered 🙂

My top 3 tips for preparing for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale:

  1. Get yourself a Nordy’s store card. With this card, you can shop the sale earlier than non-cardholders. This is valuable since items are limited and tend to sell out. Apply for a card now, and get your info together so you can shop on Thursday. New cardholders also get a bonus $40 Nordstrom note to use toward any items in store. Any dollars put on the card earns you two points per dollar spent to earn your way toward another Nordy’s note. I’ve been a cardholder since ’08 and it’s one of my fav cards- no hidden fees, a ton of cool perks and amazing customer service. To become a Nordy’s cardholder, click here to apply.
  2. Make sure you have your Nordstrom card linked to your shopping account. This is key, so that check-out can be a breeze. I save my address and card information prior, that way I don’t have to stress about the details during checkout.
  3. Log into your Nordstrom cardholder account to make sure you have triple points days available to use. Triple points days are ah-mazing. You’ll earn three times the points on every dollar spent instead of the normal two. I always save my personal triple points days for the sale, because I know that’s when I’ll be spending the most money during the year.

Important dates:

  • Thursday, July 12th- Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is stoppable for Nordstrom cardholders only.
  • Thursday, July 19th- last day to shop the sale as a private cardholder. So grab all of your last minute items before it opens to the public.
  • Friday, July 20th- Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens to everyone
  • Sunday, August 5th- the very very last day to shop the sale. So anything you’ve really been debating about, grab it now.
  • Monday, August 6th- items from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale are marked up to full retail price

Items I have my eye on (start your own list and budget):

I always always budget for everything I do in life (it’s the accountant side of me). I know that if I don’t set one for this sale, I will go above what I should. This actually helps me to look at what I have from last Fall, get rid of items I no longer need and then narrow my focus on what I need to purchase for this Fall. Start planning early by marking your favs in the catalog. Click here for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Catalog. See my instastories here for the top items on my radar.

Check back on Thursday for my top picks from the sale!

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