Orange Crush

orange crush -odeme-scarf-nail polish odeme- scarf set- orange crush odeme- nail polish- cuba libre- orange nail polish odeme- scarf
odeme nail polish in ‘cuba libre’ c/o
odeme scarf set of 4 c/o

Orange is the color of the month. I absolutely love incorporating this color into my look throughout the month and just end up going full orange crush by the 31st. The past two weeks I’ve strayed from my norm dark fall nails to this ‘Cuba Libre‘ shade from Odeme. It’s a gorgeous fall shade that has both orange and red hues to it.  I’m also loving this fall scarf set that has some really fun designs and prints on them. I styled the scarf and wore the polish in this post here, but I had some fun shooting the products up close so decided to showcase them here in a fun and colorful edit.

Hope you guys like the photos!

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