Packing Tips

packing tips

Traveling is such a common thing now- I see so many people on IG frequently jetsetting off to a new destination every other post. It makes me wonder how they pack. To me, packing is the most stressful part of the vacation process and it’s before I even step foot out of the door. What to wear, what I’ll need, how to fit it all and have it weigh less than fifty pounds is completely terrifying. For our trip to CA, we were out there six days and planning for activities ranging from date night dinners to hiking. So many shoe options and outfits- I was overwhelmed. Luckily I started early. Here are my top three packing tips.

luggage: calpak (mine is in gold) | packing cubes: calpak | brush roll: skinny dip

1. Invest in a quality luggage set

I invested in a really good luggage set for starters. I love love my Calpak suitcases. They were easy to travel with and so spacious for packing. That extra zipper expansion came in so helpful when traveling back home. Plus they’re not awkward and move gracefully when wheeling all of them through an airport. They also come with built in locks. I even bought the Calpak inserts to organize my everyday items. I’ll get to that more later on.

2. Start packing at least three weeks in advance.

I started by writing lists of things I needed to purchase. I saved all of my beauty samples from Sephora and Birchbox and everything else I purchased sample size. My plan was to use it on vacation and throw it out before leaving for an easier unpacking once home. I sorted each of my samples in separate plastic zip bags and labeled what each was. I used plastic bags just in case of any spillage, it would be contained and an easy clean. For example the one labeled morning had my toothbrush, toothpaste, face cleanser and vitamins. This made it easier to grab what I needed for at the time of day I needed it. All of my toiletries, intimates and hair items were put into the Calpak traveling cubes. This made it so easier and kept all of these small loose items contained. I highly recommend these. I also shopped for new clothes and shoes ahead of time and tried every outfit on before hand. This made packing easier and took the stress out of deciding what to wear everyday.

3. Plan, plan, plan then enjoy the moment

I literally planned everything ahead, from the above mentioned to getting job responsibilities out of the way in advance at the office. Making lists and settings dates was key. I knew I wanted my outfits chosen at least a week ahead of time and I wanted to be completely packed three days in advance. Having all of this planned and having a list of to-do’s sorted by deadlines really helped take the overwhelmingness out of pre-travel. On the morning of our departure, I was so relaxed and ready to start my vacation. Usually I’m running around last minute, sleep deprived having spent all the night before packing. While on vacation, I wasn’t worried about what I wearing each day or if I brought everything I needed because I knew I did. Maybe it’s my personality, but this really helped me enjoy the moment relaxed and stress-free. 

If you have any travel tips to add, comment below. I’d love to hear more! Be sure to check back next week to see a few outfit posts. Thanks! 

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