Kenra Platinum Collection Kenra Platinum Collection Kenra Platinum Collection

Kenra Platinum Collection 
Kenra Platinum Snail Anti-Aging ShampooKenra Platinum Snail Anti-Aging ConditionerKenra Platinum Snail CC CremeKenra Shaping Spray (on sale!) | Kenra Platinum Heat Block (on sale!)

A hair care post today! These are quickly becoming my favorite types of posts. And I’m so excited to talk about Kenra’s new Platinum Collection. It covers all of my daily product essentials, so owning the collection is super exciting. This new collection actually has hair anti-aging properties, which is pretty innovative considering ‘anti-aging’ is mostly associated with skincare. This collection combats frizziness, dryness, dullness, thinning and everything else that you do not want your hair to do.

Starting with the basics:
Snail Anti-Aging Shampoo and Conditioner. Korean beauty care is huge right now and rightfully so; skin and beauty products that fall into this category are pretty amazing. This shampoo and conditioner set is no different. Snail essence has natural and powerful anti-aging properties. When used in shampoo and conditioner, the results are smooth and silky hair. Kenra is actually the first professional line to incorporate this powerful protein into their haircare line. You watch, I’m sure other lines will be soon to follow. And per Kenra, no snail are harmed in production of their products.

After wash:
Kenra Platinum Snail CC Creme. I always always need a cream or oil based leave in product to apply to my damp hair post-wash. This light-weight styling creme has the same properties as the shampoo and conditioner but does’t need to be rinsed. This leave in creme allows my hair to fully absorb the proteins and powerful healing agents that make up it’s formula. After applying, I’ll either let my hair naturally air-dry or I’ll style and blow-dry depending on my mood. This cc creme works great with both options.

When applying heat to style:
Kenra Platinum Heat Block. It’s always a bad idea to apply heat to your hair without protecting it first. It’s similar to what sunblock does to our skin when we lay on the beach, it nourishes it. This heat block spray is a product I thoroughly apply before blow-drying and ironing. It provides thermal protection for up to 450 degrees of direct heat. It’s formulated with Bee Propolis which allows it to have maximum hold and barrier against heat while not leaving any stickiness to the hair. 

The finishing touch:
Kenra Shaping Spray. Because your hair isn’t set without a good spray. Kenra’s new Shaping Spray is the first spray in a professional line to be completely alcohol free. Ugh so amazing, my hair holds moisture better than it has with any other hair spray. And I don’t have to sacrifice smooth shine and extra hold for it either. 

My photos above show my hair after being fully washed and styled with the Kenra Platinum Collection. I however, can’t take credit for the style. My hair-stylist/mom used the flat-iron and my natural curl to give me this look. 

Kenra’s full Platinum Collection is available at Ulta. Shop it via the links above or the carousel below. 

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thanks you Kenra for sponsoring this post 🙂

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