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skin: derma e purifying 2-in-1 charcoal mask c/o, derma e purifying youth serum c/o | robe: lacoste | glasses: ray-ban | necklace: jook & nona via fabfitfun

So maybe I’m just a little obsessed with skincare right now and more in particular with Derma E’s skincare products. I love trying all of the different lines and product variations to see how they take to my skin and what the end results are. You can see how addictive that can be, right? lol. My last post a few weeks ago (see post here) talked about two products from Derma E’s Purifying Activated Charcoal collection. At the end of the post I mentioned thinking about trying the 2-in-1 mask. I’m a sucker for a good mask and I love how they’re just a small variation to your skin care routine but can have an amazing effect on your skin. I also love trying new masks, especially masks that exfoliate. 

The past few weeks I’ve used the 2-in-1 mask at least twice a week, right before bed. The texture is rough and it’s a thicker feeling formula, but it spreads on your face fairly easy. Once dried, it turns a blue color. This takes about five minutes. After that, I wet my fingers with water and re-hydrate the mask using a circular motion to really rub it in and exfoliate my pores. After that, I rinsed and wiped clean. The results were ahh-mazing. My skin was so so smooth and my skin-tone was even. I did feel slightly dry, but then again this could be because of the cold weather this time of year. To hydrate boost my skin, I used Derma E’s Youth Serum. The texture of this serum is light, silky and smooth. It hydrated perfectly and was gentle enough to use on my just exfoliated skin. 

I recommend using these two products as a combo. They work perfectly together and really give your skin that extra pick me up that it may need mid to end of the week. I especially like to do this on a Sunday night because I may have slept in my makeup once or twice over the weekend. The 2-in-1 mask clears my pores and really gives me that amazing deep cleansing feeling that I love so much. 

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