Smell The Roses

Smell The Roses Smell The Roses Smell The Roses Smell The Roses Smell The Roses
Derma E Rose Microdermabrasion Scrub c/o | Derma E Rose Cleansing Oil c/o

It’s always a good feeling to give your face a deep scrub. I’m a huge fan of face product sets that involve a one and two step cleansing routine. A few times a week I set time aside to do this. Now that it’s getting warm out, my skin is producing more oil and which makes my pores become more clogged than usual. And because of that, I switch to products that are more on the lighter side, since my skin does not need the extra moisture. 

I recently came across this new Rose duo by Derma E. I love the roughness of the microderm scrub to really get that deep cleanse. After I rinse that off, I apply the cleansing oil and wipe off gently with a warm cloth. I love how soft and dewy the oil makes my skin feel, even after I wipe away the access. 

This set leaves my skin glowing and I look forward to using it during the week. 

Check out Derma E’s Rose Microderm Scrub and Rose Cleansing Oil here or shop the carousel below.

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