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I know you guys have probably heard me say on my instastories and mention in my posts, “follow me on”. If you’re unfamiliar, you’ll probably just keep scrolling. So, I wanted to make a quick easy to read post about what is and how you can use it as a tool to shop all of the latest styles and best deals on clothing, shoes and accessories. Trust me, it’s a game changer, I use it all of the time. 

What is LTK curates all of your favorite style influencers clothes into a shoppable post. If you’re scrolling and see a handbag someone posted in their photo and think to yourself ‘I NEED to have this’, you can tap the image and see the handbag below that image. By clicking the photo, it’ll take you directly to the site she bought it from. Simple and easy. Also guaranteed you’ll get the exact product you’re looking for.

How can I sign-up and is it free? Yes, it’s completely free! Think of it like a shoppable Instagram, minus the need to like and comment. Simply download the app and create a personal account. I signed up with my Facebook account to make the process even easier. 

How can I shop my favorite Instagram looks by screenshoting? So what’s really really innovative about this app is that if someone shares one of their LTK photos to Insta, you can screenshot their Insta post, and have it immediately show up on your LTK feed in the LTK app. You’ll know if it’s a LTK photo while scrolling on Instagram because you’ll see the round LTK logo on the bottom right corner of the Insta post. 

Ok, this still sounds completely foreign to me. I need visuals! ok see below..

1. Download the LTK app in the App Store, search on ‘’. Then create an account.

2. Start scrolling through your feed and click on a photo of a cute ootd. Or screenshot while scrolling on Instagram.

3. Click the photo, then click the item from that photo that you want to shop first. It will enlarge, then click the black ‘shop’ square button.

4. The app will take you directly to the site so that you can purchase that newest must-have item. 

If you want to shop some of the things I have, but don’t want to check the blog, follow me on LTK. My username is @kimtuttle_

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