Vanity reorg under $50

Vanity reorg under $50

Vanity reorg under $50:
brush basket | lipstick basket | palette basket | foundation basket

I am embarrassingly admitting that my makeup vanity is a complete mess. It’s probably the only part of my room that doesn’t have organization to it. Every morning I’m digging around for things I need, which is so frustrating. Tired of this, and hoping I’m not the only one with this issue, I set out to reorg the whole damn thing for under $50.

If you need that push to do the same, follow my guide below and treat yo’ self to a Vanity reorg for under $50 

1. Admitting you have a problem with your vanity. Moving stuff around, can’t find anything, knowing there’s makeup in there that you’re not sure is expired? Then this is your affirmation that yes, you need a reorg!

2. Browse for organizing baskets that are so pretty, that they’ll motivate you to keep everything organized in them. I love love copper baskets so I set out to find them. I used google and also checked my fav stores to see what was available. Also think outside of the box, you don’t necessarily have to buy organizers specific for a vanity. The ones I purchased are actually for an office desk. 

3. Measure your space. I measured length, width and depth of my vanity. I then used the online dimension of the baskets to size and draw out on paper. I wanted to maximize my vanity space, so this was a powerful visual to get there. I even laid my makeup brushes on the measured paper to see if they would all fit in the basket.

4. Declutter! I was so excited to begin my reorg once my baskets arrived. As you saw, my space was filled with random bobby pins, perfume samples and a ton of lipstick. I got rid of what I didn’t use or haven’t used in the past three months. A good rule of thumb is 3-6 months when it comes to products, it’s always best to toss anything that’s older than that time frame. I was even able to use an empty Nars setting powder container to store thumbtacks and safety pins in. I also used a memento chocolate box from a winery in Napa to store bobbie pins in. 

5. Enjoy all of the time you will save by not digging around in your vanity every time you do your makeup. Use this time to enjoy a cup of tea, try a new lip color or curl your eyelashes.


I hope this post has helped you get a start on your own reorg! 🙂



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