Warm and Cozy…

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Today I wasn’t planning on posting anything since I wasn’t able to shoot any looks this weekend because of the non-stop constant rain. But, when I walked outside to go to the office this morning, it was freezing and my dash said it was 47 outside. Now, at lunch, it’s way too cold to go out for a walk so I was decided to eat at my desk, which I always hate doing. However, I felt inspired to make this collage because as I sit here in my long sleeved shirt, sweater and boots with a fleece blanket on my lap, I realized today is the perfect day to be wearing something warm and cozy. I’m a huge fan of Sub Urban riot sweaters and they’re always my go to for cold days (I wore one yesterday actually). So I styled this whole look around their ‘Good Mood’ sweater, accentuating the red lettering with pops of red throughout the look. Plus, the slogan is uplifting considering the warm weather is officially gone, wah. 

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