What I bought this week…

Sharing these few things that I purchased this week!

lime green mini pack | distressed overalls | yellow sandals

Fanny pack: are definitely making a comeback. They’re so practical. I like the idea of wearing it around the shoulder or across the chest. It gives it more of a cooler modern style. I just don’t think I could wear it 90’s dad-style around the waist lol. This one was only $30 and it super lightweight. I opted for the really bright green because it just caught my eye. Can’t wait to use this for beach days, night concerts and weekend bike rides.

Overalls: Also a 90’s thing making a comeback. I wore them as a kid and up until now refused to buy a pair as an adult. But, when I saw this pair, I had a change of heart. I like the short style and the distressing on it as well. The denim is a light color which will look really crisp and clean paired with a white top. 

Sandals: now on sale for $20, I love the bright yellow and the silver ring detail paired with the rivets. A cute and stylish quick go-to sandal that will easily add style to any outfit.

I’ll be styling these pieces in future posts, so keep an eye out for them. If you have any styling suggestions, please leave them in the comments below. 

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